Scuba Diving Trips

Viewing the immense variety of flora and fauna is made easy by the currents that encircle Cozumel. Drift diving eliminates the need for most strenuous swimming.

You will arrive at one of the many reefs on our comfortable, fast 6 pack boat. Here you will enter the water with a roll back entry.

The group will make a slow descent with the current, always accompanied by our divemaster Raul.


First Dive

Depending on your level and desire, we will take you to shallow reefs or the most famous walls.

Multi level dives maximize your bottom time.

We will end your dive at fifteen feet for a mandatory safety stop of three to five minutes. Safety is always our first priority.


We have Snorkeling Trips too!


Scuba Diving Schedule

Morning at 7.30 am for Special Trips 2 tanks
Morning at 8.30 am Regular Trips 2 tanks
Afternoon at 1.30 pm tanks
Twilight Dive.
Departing will be depending on season
Your choice (Sunset) or
second dive (Night dive)

2 tanks
2 tank
Night Dive departs
Summer 7.30 pm
Winter 6.30 pm

2 tanks
1 tank

Second Dive

Most commonly, our second dive will be a platform reef to a depth of forty to sixty feet. On this dive, we will view hundreds of different marine species from big black grouper to tiny pipe horse or nudibranch.